Why I Moved To Safari

I've been using the Firefox browser for a long time - because it was my goto browser back in the early 2000's, and I've liked their approach to handling security, pop up blocking and then addition of tools such as the screenshot grabber from the address bar. Having started out using it on Windows, I... Continue Reading →

Blogging On The iPad

Last year I discovered MarsEdit for Apple OS X and this quickly became my blogging client of choice when using my MacBook Pro for authoring content. ¬† This year, I have increasingly found that I am travelling more and as I like to travel light, I'm using my Apple iPad for a wider range of... Continue Reading →

Re-engage with books

One of my many interests is reading, I do a lot of this when I'm travelling (mainly to help pass the time as I get easily bored on long flights and waiting around in airports). ¬†Several years ago this would be an actual paper book, then technology arrived and I bought my first eBook reader... Continue Reading →

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