Using Gist As A Snippet Library

GitHub has been around a while now and was recently bought by Microsoft. In my opinion, it's the best / feature rich platform for source control, team collaborative develoopment and documentation for developed apps .. and one of the features that many will be less aware of is Gist.Gist on GitHub allows single or parts... Continue Reading →

JSON In Node.js

As I continue to play with Node.js one of the common tasks that I wanted to understand more was how to work with JSON objects and files. I constructed the code below to remind me later how to turn a JSON object to a string, how to write out to a file, then how to... Continue Reading →

IBM API Connect LTS Support Cycle

The IBM support lifecycle for API Connect changed several months ago, and was updated in the last week.  The API Connect product follows a continuous delivery model designed to deliver updated / new features and bug fixes.  Within this approach there are two delivery streams .. Continuous delivery - for rapid delivery of new features ... Continue Reading →

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