About Me

Welcome to my personal blog.

This is my soapbox, the place on the web where I can express my views about, well anything. I blog about those things that grab my attention, entertain, inform, educate or all of the above. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, if you have comments or ideas, then please contact me.

About me...

I am an experienced Technical Solution Architect / client facing consultant working within the IBM Systems Lab Services team, based in the UK.  My focus is Open Source Software (OSS).  I’ve been in technical consulting since the early 1990’s – see Linkedin for more career info 👍🏻

I have worked with a broad range of products and technologies covering email, collaboration, social software, cloud, integration / middleware, containers and open source. My favourite programming languages are Node.js and C++ and I love playing with gadgets such as my Raspberry Pi or ZX Spectrum (which is how I started my interest in computing in the 1980’s)

I’m an Open Group TOGAF certified Enterprise Architect and both a Chartered IT Practitioner (CITP) and Chartered Engineer (CEng) with the British Computer Society in the UK.  I’m also a member of the Open Source Initiative and OpenUK and a supporter of the Linux Foundation.

At IBM, I’m an Academic Ambassador..  I work with universities / help with events such as mock interview days, guest lectures, student mentoring, technical hackathons etc.  I’m an IBM Redbooks Thought Leader for Enterprise Mobile (IBM MobileFirst as was in 2012 – 2019), also a blogger, and public speaker / podcaster when the opportunity presents itself..

Outside work, I enjoy football (the round ball 😉 ) .. I’m a season ticket holder at West Ham Utd, (a life of pain 😩), lover of Jaguar cars and I’m a film buff – especially SciFi & Super Hero 🦹‍♂️. and interested in the scientific aspects of the paranormal 👻

If you would like to connect with me – you can do so via Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin

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