About Me

Welcome to my personal blog.

This is my soapbox, the place on the web where I can express my views about, well anything. I blog about those things that grab my attention, entertain, inform, educate or all of the above. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, if you have comments or ideas, then please contact me.

About me...

I am an experienced Technical Solution Architect / client facing consultant working at Red Hat, I’m based in the UK and work with clients across Europe, Middle East & Africa.  My passion and focus is Open Source Software (OSS), and I work with products such as Ansible, OpenShift and Enterprise Linux.  I’ve been in technical consulting and sales engineering since the early 1990’s – see Linkedin for more career info 👍🏻

During the course of my career, I have worked with a broad range of products and technologies covering email, collaboration, social software, cloud, integration / middleware, containers and lots of open source. My favourite programming languages are Node.js ,C++ and Go. I love playing with gadgets such as my Raspberry Pi or ZX Spectrum (which is how I started my interest in computing in the 1980’s)

I’m an Open Group TOGAF certified Enterprise Architect and both a Chartered IT Practitioner (CITP) and Chartered Engineer (CEng) with the British Computer Society in the UK.  I’m also a member of the Open Source Initiative and OpenUK and a supporter of the Linux Foundation.

I’m an IBM Redbooks Thought Leader for Enterprise Mobile (IBM MobileFirst as was in 2012 – 2019), and more recently help author the Security Implementation with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power Systems redbook. I’m also a blogger, and public speaker / podcaster when the opportunity presents itself..

Outside work, I enjoy football (the round ball 😉 ) .. I’m a season ticket holder at West Ham Utd, (a life of pain 😩), lover of Jaguar cars and I’m a film buff – especially SciFi & Super Hero 🦹‍♂️. and interested in the scientific aspects of the paranormal and enjoy ghost hunts 👻

If you would like to connect with me – you can do so via Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin

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