Spooky Evening At Shrewsbury Prison

I’ve been interested in the paranormal for a few years and a fan of Most Haunted since it started back in 2002. I guess this started when I discovered X-Files and starting to think about life beyond our world, which led to life after death.. as it does when you’re slightly geeky 😉 I’m open minded but leaning towards being sceptical – I’ve watched and ponded what I’ve seen on TV, finally deciding that seeing / experiencing something will finally answer my questions.

I attended the Most Haunted Experience (MHE) at Shrewsbury Prison recently, which closed its doors to criminals in 2013, since when its been used for private events and use as a set for TV programmes. The team from MHE are the friendliest bunch of people you could hope to meet and having the opportunity to chat with Karl and Stuart was a highlight.

The prison is divided into “Blocks” and for the MHE event, we had been divided into two groups of approximately 15 people – we started with Block A. To say the building is the star is an under statement, having (thank fully) never been on the inside of a prison – to see the multiple levels with long rows of cells was sobering. In the pitch dark, accompanied by classic ghost hunting kit such as rempod and EMF’s we started to ask out “Hello we are here to speak to you, what’s your name ?” And so this dialogue continued for a while, with no response – we then made our way to cell 13 on the 1st floor and started to tap our feet on the floor, asking any spirit to copy .. and yes, I can’t quite believe it – but a faint response was heard. 😱

Heart pounding, we hear a cell door somewhere at the other end of Block A slam .. with all people in our group accounted for .. and as we left Block A, a snooker ball bounced on the floor behind us ! All I can think is Wow !

We had a break, and then entered Block C, which includes the hanging room – which has the reputation for hanging most people in a prison in one day (5).. despite asking out and standing in the silence, no activity was experienced, which was a disappointment – come on ghosts, come and play 🙂

The evening ended before 2am, and I left having enjoyed the event, asking myself if I had really just experienced that. If anyone is a sceptic, I strongly recommend attending one of these events and making up your own mind 👻

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