Reduce PDF File Sizes On Mac

My job involves working a lot with documents and presentations that are created using Microsoft Office365 on my Apple Mac, and I’ve found that saving in PDF format creates large files, that typically mean challenges sharing them due to limits on email attachment size or collaborative tools being used.  I recently discovered a way to reduce the file size by upto 65% depending on the graphical content of the document / presentation and I’d like to share this technique with you….

  1. Open the PDF file using Apple Preview
  2. Hold down the Option key and select File
  3. Select the Saves As option

    Pdf saveas

  4. When the file window appears, select the Quartz Filter option
  5. From the drop down list, select Reduce File Size

    Pdf reducesize

  6. Select Save

Admire the file size reduction 🙂


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