Installing IBM API Connect Toolkit Without Errors

In this post I will describe how I resolved some issues installing the IBM API Connect Developer Toolkit, and I assume you are already familiar with Node.js and NPM in Linux / MacOS.

The IBM API Connect Developer Toolkit provides a set of tools that can be used for online / offline design, construction and publication of API’s – it has a micro gateway, api designer and Node.js (StrongLoop) runtime.

I use the toolkit on my Apple Mac and recently found that I was unable to install the latest release (v5.0.8.0) using Terminal without a series of errors related to permissions, which I’ve not seen with prior releases.

To resolve my issues, I firstly made sure that I have the upto date versions of Node.js and NPM installed :-

I then used the following commands to remove the remnants of the failed install and then to install the toolkit again :-

sudo npm unistall apiconnect —unsafe-perm -g
sudo npm install apiconnect —unsafe-perm -g

Using sudo allows the commands to run with root privileges.

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