IBM Mobile App Builder

One of the requests that I hear often from customers is for some kind of graphical user driven prototyping tool that would allow their lines of business to create mock up examples of mobile apps, which can then form part of a set of design artefacts used as part of their IBM MobileFirst adoption and use across the wider business,

So the great news is that IBM finally has such a tool – the App Builder, which is available via the IBM Bluemix platform.


As I write this blog post, the app builder is in an experimental state – however even at this early stage, it allows for the user to build out what their mobile app should look like, select data sources and which platform they wish to build for (iOS or Android), the app is built and a QR code presented, so the app can be provisioned to a mobile device for testing.

I love the presentation and simplicity of the tool — It really allows those less technical users to engage with their IT department and drive adoption of mobile — I highly recommend you give it a try – here is a post from an IBM colleague that shows how to get started – enjoy 😉

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