Mobile Analytics On IBM Bluemix

Within the last few days, IBM has released an experimental service on Bluemix that provides Mobile Analytics, and there is a great blog article that describes what you can do with the new service.

In this blog post, I wanted to summerise how you get your mobile apps instrumented and what’s required to get started with the new service.

Firstly, you will need an IBM Bluemix account – you can sign up for a trial here. Next, you need to browse the Bluemix catalog and create an instance of the analytics service. You are now ready for the fun part 😉

  1. Import the client SDK for you chosen platform (Apple Swift or Android)
  2. Instrument your app with a code snippet
  3. Compile your app 
  4. Run your app either in an emulator or on a device
  5. Access the mobile analytics dashboard on Bluemix — there be analytics 🙂

Once you have some data being recorded, its worth taking a look at the custom reports options – enjoy 😉

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