I’ve Moved To IBM Verse

I’ve been user and perveyor of all things Lotus (IBM) Notes since v1 appeared in 1989, and there have been a many changes over the years to the user interface, however the overall experience has been constant with the use of a DOS based, then Java based client.

There have also been various attempts at doing “Notes In The Browser” … any finally, it would appear that IBM have got it right… with the new IBM Verse product.

Image result for ibm verseVerse is a blending together of Mail, Calendar etc, with IBM Connections and Analytics capabilities. Having moved to Verse, its taken only a short time to become aquinted with the “new way of working”.

By far the greatest productivity gain comes from the “Important to me” bar at the top of the screen – this shows thumb nail’s of the people you interact with the most .. with a click on their picture, you can access mail from them, calendar entries etc — Very cool 😉

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