Facebook Account Deactivated

So I finally did it …deactivate my Facebook account.   Why?  well…  as somebody that has made a career from green screen office productivity solutions, then email, then Groupware, then to the new world of “Social Software”,  the value has been around people communicating and collaborating on a shared cause to get something done.  Increasingly I see Facebook as a place people live out the life they wish they had – so only posting stuff about that great holiday, that cool event .. look at me etc 😦   

I do get the idea of it being a way to engage customers from a marketing point of view or the single place to go if you have a need to organise an event, but posting lots of personal information for the rest of the world to consume just does not work for me.  As the 1st Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley once said “Publish and be dammed”.

For me, Facebook is too big, too false, too political…  I’ll let you dear reader decide … another article to read that’s though provoking was published on 3rd June 2015 by Goal Auzeen Saedi Ph.D. in Millennial Media

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