OSX Disk Utility & FileFault2

A few days ago, I finally decided that it was time to upgrade my Apple MacBook Pro to OSX Mavericks (10.9).  As I use my mac for business I use the FileVault feature to encrypt my disk…  which has caused a few issues and shows that Apple software isn’t always perfect…

Prior to going through the upgrade process to Mavericks, I decided to check that the hard disk was ok.  I used the Disk Utility application that comes with OSX and selected my disk, then clicked “Verify Disk”.

Oh no !!   It reports that my disk has some orphaned blocks and needs to be repaired … and that this needs to be carried out using the CMD+R option from a reboot.


Time to turn to Google, and it turns out that others seem to be having an issue repairing these types of problems when the disk is encrypted … I decided to switch off FileVault and having waited hours for the decryption to complete, repeated the repair process using Disk Utilities.  Having restarted my Mac and CMD+R, then selecting Disk Utilities…  I selected the disk and the option for “Repair Disk”  … 

This time – Success !!!

I have now been able to upgrade to Mavericks without issue and having verified the disk after the upgrade, I have enabled FileVault again.

I think Apple need to look at this issue – what do you think ?

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