Setting Up iCloud Mail On Windows Phone 8

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I recently acquired my first Microsoft Windows phone 8 (a Nokia Lumia 520) for the purpose of testing some mobile apps I’m building using IBM Worklight v6.1 (more about this in future posts).

I’ve been actually quite impressed with the user experience on the Nokia, the concept of using tiles instead of icons for the user interface works well and I can see for the average consumer that having large tiles for key features like phone, messaging, browser, Facebook etc is much easier that a screen of small icons etc .. so credit must go to Microsoft for innovation here and going something different 🙂

As a user of Apple iPad, MacBook Pro etc, my personal email account is hosted on iCloud, and I wanted to get my iCloud mail working on the Nokia phone….  which after some playing around and searching the apple support forum, turns out to be surprisingly easy…   On the Windows Phone 8:-

  1. Select the Settings option 
  2. Select email + accounts
  3. Scroll down and then select advanced setup
  4. On the advanced setup screen, enter your iCloud email address and password, then select Next
  5. Select Internet mail 
  6. Ensure that account type is set to IMAP4

Complete other fields with following values :-

  • SSL Required: Yes
  • Server Name:
  • Username: <your email address ending>
  • Password: your iCloud mail account password

 For sending mail, the SMTP settings are :-

  • Server:
  • SSL Required: Yes


If prompted for ports – use 993 for receiving and port 587 for sending (I was not prompted for these).    Synchronisation of your inbox makes a few minutes, you are then up and running with iCloud mail on Windows Phone 8 – enjoy 🙂


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