Firefox OS: Develop Mobile Apps Using Web Standards

Over the last 12 months, I have been watching with interest how the world of mobile application development has been changing towards embracing the approach of hybrid development – so instead of developing an application specifically for one operating system (Apple iOS, Android etc), or even specific devices, the idea of creating code that uses common web standards (HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript) and then wrapping this for deployment across various operating system based devices – using solutions just as IBM Worklight.


With the idea in mind of using web standards for mobile application development, Mozilla has been working on their “Boot to Gecko” project and this resulted in the availability a few months ago of the Firefox OS, which has been made available on a few devices in Europe so far.  

Firefox OS is an open source Linux based mobile operating system that uses Mozilla’s Gecko technology – the same technology used by the Firefox web browser that many of use will know / use on a daily basis.

What I think is exciting about Firefox OS, is that apart from being a completely new mobile OS (which does not happen too often), its open source, light weight and easy to use well understood web development skills to build and deploy apps.  There is a great article on the Mozilla wiki that describes the process of application development and publication to the marketplace.

 I have also have blogged about getting started with Firefox os development and the impact to the enterprise on the IBM Mobile Business Insights Blog.

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  1. The beauty of hybrid development is that the development costs for the client are kept to a minimum. One thing to be wary of is to ensure the end user is kept in mind so the user experience given on all platforms is not affected. Be interesting to see how this develops.

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