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Last year I discovered MarsEdit for Apple OS X and this quickly became my blogging client of choice when using my MacBook Pro for authoring content.   This year, I have increasingly found that I am travelling more and as I like to travel light, I’m using my Apple iPad for a wider range of activities (I have started to leave the MacBook at home), including writing / blogging.

For while a struggled with the iPad keyboard, which whilst responsive, is not great if you need the “real” keyboard feeling to produce long multi-page documents etc.

So after much searching and reading of reviews, I believe that I have found the perfect combination of keyboard and app for budding bloggers and authors to make blogging from the iPad a pleasure…

The keyboard

Logitech Keyboard

There are a large number of keyboards designed to compliment the iPad, when looking for my perfect keyboard, my priority was to have something that was high quality, had a long lasting battery life and of course would provide a typing experience similar to the Apple Macbook Pro (which I consider to have the best keyboard I’ve ever used).  Having tested both the Belkin Ultimate and ClamCase Pro, I settled on the keyboard that seems to get most recognition – the Logitech Ultrathin.  

The Logitech keyboard works via bluetooth, has a battery that lasts many months (it’s claimed unto 6 months) and attaches to the iPad using the magnet on the side of the iPad (like the Apple covers).  Apart from providing a fantastic typing experience, it also has a dedicated home button, which makes app switching very fast.  When in use, the iPad sits in a slot on the Logitech keyboard to give an experience similar to a laptop.  When not in use, the Logitech folds (using the magnet) against the iPad to protect the iPad screen and the keyboard.

 The App

Having a browse around the Apple App Store, and the web, it quickly becomes evident that if you want a blogging client on the iPad that has a rich set of features, and works seamlessly with WordPress, then you really only have one choice – Blogpad Pro.   Whilst it’s not a free app, the range of features, ease of use and ability to go offline when writing articles make it worth every penny of the £2.99 paid – in fact it’s actually the best £2.99 I have spent in the App Store to date 🙂

Blogpad scrn

Adding your WordPress blog and managing the settings takes a minute, you can then see your previous blog articles downloaded to the iPad.  Using a navigator on the left (or right if you change the settings) of the screen, its possible to not only create great looking blog articles with rich content – web links, tables, headings, text attributes, pictures, video etc, but also manage and change pages, comments and other aspects of your blog.

I’ve been using this combination of Logitech Ultrathin keyboard and Blogpad Pro as my primary writing and blogging setup for a few weeks and my advice if you are interesting in blogging using the iPad is … Save yourself lots of time and just get this keyboard and app. 🙂

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