IBM Notes Traveler 9 & BlackBerry 10

A few weeks ago, IBM Notes Traveler 9 was released and among the most notable new features was the support for additional mobile handsets, specifically Windows 8 / RT and BlackBerry 10.  Since the launch of the BlackBerry 10 handsets, I have been starting to see an increase in enquiries from customers who already have sizeable BlackBerry deployments, they are interested in moving to the new handsets and making use of either the Microsoft ActiveSync capability to allow direct connection / synchronisation against Traveler 9 or leveraging the new BlackBerry Enterprise Server and its ability to act as proxy to a Traveler 9 server.  I’ve blogged about this more over at the IBM Mobile Frontier.

Connect with me and let me know if BlackBerry 10 is something you or your organisation are looking at.

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