Adding POI’s To Volvo SatNav

NewImageI have recently started to do more business miles in my Volvo S60, (2013 model) and whilst I find that the inbuilt satellite navigation system general very good, it does not have some of the POI’s (Points Of Interest) that I need e.g.. UK Speed Camera locations.  Having read through the provided documentation, it only mentions importing .GPX files … which from my investigations, it turns out that this is the GPS Exchange Format (a lightweight XML based file format).  It also seems that it’s a standard supported file format by many satellite navigation devices, especially those from Garmin.

I have downloaded and attempted to import a few .GPX files into the Volvo S60’s satellite navigation, but all have failed 😦   After much experimentation, I have found that the following process works every time :-

  1. Download and install the POI Loader software from the Garmin website (Apple Mac users can get a copy from the App Store)
  2. Download the required POI file in .CSV format from the GPS Pocket World site
  3. Using the Garmin POI Loader software, import the .CSV file and create a new .GPI file
  4. Using the converter from the GPS Data Team website, import the .GPI file and save as a .GPX (selecting the GPXx option)
  5. Copy the .GPX file to a USB Stick, then use this to import into the Volvo satellite navigation

I would welcome any feedback, comments on this process – especially if it can be shorter.  Connect with me via Twitter or by leaving comments on this post.

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