Time To Take Phone Out Of “Smart Phone”

Back in 1994 when I bought my first mobile phone (A Sony CMH-333), I used it for talking to people – it really lived up the tag of “Mobile Phone”.  As I progressed into the 21st century, I used a number of mobile phones from Nokia, Motorola and then Blackberry, all being used mainly for talk, and increasingly texting.   Then it happened… as mobile data networks improved and the internet became essential to life as we know it, Apple launched the now ubiquitous iPhone in 2007.  

This single event has transformed the mobile phone (smart phone) market place… and with it, how I use my handset.  I have increasingly found that I now spend less time talking and more time using apps on my phone to find information, buy stuff, collaborate with people, be entertained… to such an extent that I would now even consider forgetting the phone and just using a tablet.

Being a fan of Apple, I would love to see a larger screen iPhone or even some kind of phablet.  There are lots of rumours about the next iPhone, I hope that Apple will carefully consider what companies like Samsung and Google are doing with their devices and offering a range of screen sizes – we will see 😉

I also have to say that whilst all this super cool mobile technology has become an essential part of everyday life, it feels like the most basic form of communication – speech is somehow being lost 😦

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