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As an IBM employee, I see on a regular basis the value that IBM Redbooks can provide customers, business partners and in fact anyone who needs to develop skills around IBM technologies.  Typically publications from the ITSO are created by an elected group of people who attend a residency, and subsequently publish their work via wiki’s, books and/or other social media outlets.  Those people who are selected to attend a residency are typically seen by pier groups, customers and business partners as being a “GoTo” person or even expert in the chosen subject area.

For many years, I have held a desire to be part of a residency and become a published author — the right residency, taking place at the right time etc has never quite happened ….Until recently.   One of my core technology passions is Mobile, and specifically how the enterprise can leverage the capabilities of social business on the mobile platform to gain a competitive advantage.    This view is well represented by the recent announcement of IBM MobileFirst.  

I was selected to attend the “Mobile Enterprise Social Media Residency”.  Along with 14 of my fellow residents from across IBM and IBM business partners, we spent an enjoyable week at IBM’s Research Triangle offices in Raleigh, NC, USA.   It allowed me to gain an understanding of the wider set of products, capabilities and strategy that makes IBM unique in the market place — and indeed the only provider who has end-to-end solutions right now.   It opened up in my mind the possibilities for developing new applications / processes using the IBM Worklight product set, that I believe would be of benefit to the customers I work with who already gain business value from their investment in the IBM Domino platform.

As a result of being part of this residency, you can expect to see me in a more social light 🙂  … in addition to maintaing this blog, as a new IBM Redbooks thought leader for Enterprise Mobile, I will also write for the  IBM Mobile Frontier Blog and will be more active on Twitter etc.  

I would be interested to connect with you via Twitter or through this blog — tell me what you think.

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