Kids Riding In Supermarket Trollies

Firstly happy new year to all my followers 🙂

For my first rant of 2013, I would like to take on the subject of kids in supermarket trollies… by which I mean, those people who allow their children to stand / sit in the trollies which everyone else has to use for their food shopping.  Over the Christmas period, I have (unfortunately) had to visit a number of my local supermarkets, which are grim places in deed at the best of times, and have been annoyed to see the number of people who seem to consider this behaviour acceptable.


Most (if not all) supermarkets in the UK have a range of baskets and trollies available – some even have seats for Children.  It is simply not acceptable to allow young Children to stand / sit in them … I wonder about the health and safety aspects, the insurance aspects for the stores as well as staff training – I never see a member of staff challenge one of these people … why is that ?

If I was to take off my dirty shoe and wipe in on the loaf of bread they had just placed in the trolley with the child, they would likely complain – yet what is the difference between this and their behaviour ?

So a plea to all parents out there — please don’t place your children in trolleys that everyone else uses for their food.   A plea to the Supermarkets – challenge and stop this behaviour.

Time to step off the soapbox until next time 😉

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