Re-engage with books

One of my many interests is reading, I do a lot of this when I’m travelling (mainly to help pass the time as I get easily bored on long flights and waiting around in airports).  Several years ago this would be an actual paper book, then technology arrived and I bought my first eBook reader (a Sony PRS-500).  Having been launched unwittingly into the war of formats and online book stores, it was clear that Amazon was the torch barer, so I dumped the Sony in favour of a Kindle.  



With the arrival of the Apple iPad into my bag of tech that I travel with, the Kindle app became my normal way to access my books and read.   That was until recently when I discovered the Audible website.  Audible is a provider of audio books that can be downloaded onto a range of mobile devices including iPods, iPhones etc.

At this point, I admit to being embarrassed that as a technology geek I was unaware of the riches contained at Audible and the quality experience of listening to a book instead of actually reading it — I think the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” in my case is wrong 😉

I have been impressed with the range of audio books on offer and the ease with which they can be downloaded into iTunes on my Mac and then synchronised across onto my iPhone.

If you have yet to discover audio books, I highly recommend you re-engage with books in a different way 🙂

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