Learning iOS Development

At various stages throughout my 28 year IT career I have been required to build software applications to augment a solution I was working on.  I have used a number of development languages such as BASIC, COBOL, C, Visual Basic and dBase III – all of which are procedural languages and probably betray my age 😦

Other the past few years as I have worked with more web and mobile based solutions, the need to craft some code has become more compelling, and taking into account the rapid demand for skills in the market place, learning how to design and build apps for the most popular platform (Apple) fascinates me and helps keep my skill set current – you would have to live on a desert island to not know about Apple and its ubiquitous AppStore, I have to confess that the opportunities for earning some extra income from app development also interest me greatly.

So how to learn iOS development…. From a tooling perspective – its simple … Use an Intel based Apple Mac and Xcode.

The more challenging part is finding the right education materials.  I decided to use a trusted approach (at least for me) – find a book and supplement with online video content, blogs and the Apple developer website.

Having recently attended the iOS developer conference in the UK, I was able to get some personal recommendations for books – these are :-

I have also found both iTunesU and TheNewBoston to be a rich source of quality free video tutorial content.

Having started to work through the iOS development book, it has quickly become apparent that having at least a base understanding of the core programming language Objective-C is critical … I have therefore decided to work through this book before diving headlong into the actual iOS development piece.

In future blog posts, I hope to talk about my progress – watch this space 🙂


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