When Is Starbucks Not Starbucks…

When its a franchise….

This week, I had cause to travel via London Heathrow Terminal 5 and whilst waiting for my flight, thought I would relax and enjoy a Starbucks coffee. Now I have to confess that I like Starbucks coffee – actually, I like it a lot, so much so that I have a Starbucks card and have funds added automatically when my balance drops below £10.00

I ordered my coffee and handed over my Starbucks card, only to be told that they did not accept them …

I questioned this as the staff wear Starbucks attire and the Starbucks logo on the top of the kiosk proudly announces its place in the departures area.

I was told that they are a franchise, I questioned this again.. only to be told that they are not Starbucks, they are a franchise (are you getting the picture). 

So my grumble is obvious – they are either Starbucks or they are not …

Having looked at the Card FAQ’s, I see the Starbucks website states that some outlets can’t accept cards – but they are still branded at Starbucks .. either get the franchises to honour my card or re-brand them so I know in advance if I can pay with my card.

Oh .. and which bright spark decided that one of the new Starbucks drive thru’s in the UK would be sited on the North bound slip road of Fleet services on the M3 (after the car park and garage)… so buy your coffee and then immediately re-join the M3 and juggle driving and drinking coffee … wonder if the local police are watching … driving without due care etc.

Come on Starbucks – get it sorted 😦

One thought on “When Is Starbucks Not Starbucks…

  1. Agree that this sort of thing is irritating (and I speak as someone who’s not a Starbucks fan in the slightest!). I group it with the other afflictions that tend to affect airport and motorway service station branches of chain stores, such as:

    – Higher than normal prices
    – Refusal to honour gift cards
    – Not participating in chain-wide special offers

    Having said that, unlike many of these locations, T5 has plenty of other coffee options. My suggestion would be to take your custom elsewhere until they fix this!

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