Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my new WordPress blog !

As this is my first post, I guess I need to deal with some obvious (at least I hope they are obvious) questions :-

  • Why have I started this blog ?
  • What will I blog about ?
  • Why should you read my blog ?

So to answer the first of these questions, I’ve started this blog to meet a long time desire to write … and to be able to have a outlet to express my own personal views, which may be controversial, funny, informative, thought provoking etc.

I will blog about things that grab my attention, things I’d like to share, experiences as well as commenting on events taking place in the world we all live in.

I hope that you will enjoy following my blog and support my efforts by making comments – I don’t mind good or bad, but please ensure they are constructive 😉

It would be great to see you also follow my Twitter feed and let me have any ideas for articles I could cover in this blog.

Thanks for reading this – hope to see you back soon 🙂


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